Technology Staffing

In the constantly changing world of technology, organizations are often in need of technology personnel. Finding the perfect fit for an organization can be a challenge. Whether the requirement is for a long or short term solution, Attronica has the answer.

Attronica offers a full range of qualified technology professionals that can meet any organization’s technology needs. Our experts excel at providing quality and dedication to any project, no matter the size. We separate ourselves from the competition by offering staff that will work closely with the organization to ensure every need is met. Attronica’s skilled staff will be able bring experience and an outside perspective that will revitalize any project.

Attronica’s technology staffing service:

  • Long-term seat management/Desktop support

  • Server management

  • Onsite hardware maintenance and repairs

  • Reconfigurations and updates

  • Moves/adds/changes

  • Customized technical and systems engineering assignments