Custom Packaging

Packaging of products is one of the most important aspects of any branded product. A well thought out and planned packaging technique can enhance a customer’s experience. Attronica is able to apply a planned packaging technique that removes the troubles of possibly causing product identification problems for the end user.

Protecting the integrity of the product is an essential packaging technique. Proper packaging assures your products arrive to their location without any alteration from their original form or purpose. We design our product packaging with attention to sturdiness. The products’ boxes, bags, and containers need to be designed to withstand the stress of shipment, storage and delivery to the end user.


Vacuum sealed
Custom boxes
Multi-vendor packaging assembly


Inventory Management

Attronica’s OEM inventory management puts the power of overseeing the storage and ordering of components into a simple and secure OEM platform. We use our logistics expertise and dynamic warehousing capacity to give the customer supervisory control of the product without all of the hassle of a complicated system. A business’ inventory is one of its major assets and represents an investment that is tied up until the item is sold or used while also costing money to store, track and insure inventory.

Inventories that are mismanaged can create significant financial problems for a business. Successful inventory management involves creating a transaction plan that ensures that items are available when they are needed while keeping track of existing inventory.


Customer inventory management
Vendor-managed inventory
Accurate and effective delivery
Geographically strategic bonded warehouses
Dynamic warehouse capacity


Technical Integration

Attronica’s technical OEM integration can optimize as brand’s availability by joining different components as one larger system. It ensures that each integrated component functions with required OEM specifications. Our OEM integration is also used to add value to a system through new and unique functionalities provided by connecting functions of different technology systems.

With the increase of component level customization within the technology industry, varying component systems that cooperate to deliver a whole functionality has been the focus of industries that use technology. End users require this modular or custom approach to systems building to achieve a strong return on investment with minimal inefficiencies. Because systems may span to different brands and technologies in software and hardware engineering, a custom integration solution has usually been at the near-end of the product placement cycle. Attronica engineering expertise brings a broad range of skills of technology knowledge.


30+ years of technical hardware/software expertise
Servers, storage, desktops, & laptops
24 hour burn-in
High-efficiency staging area
Creating custom OS images


Quality Control

ISO 9001 QMS Certification

It is an achievement to meet the rigorous standards required of ISO 9001 certification. Attaining this recognized level of performance gives our customers assurance that our operation and products are of world-class caliber.

ISO 9001:2015 requires a quality management system where an organization demonstrates its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer requirements and aims. It also verifies that Attronica enhances customer satisfaction through the processes of applying our quality management system and continually improving as our system evolves.


CISO 9001:2015
Quality policy implemented via customized quality processes and procedures
Multi-tier quality checks
100% testing to customer requirements


Logistic Services

Attronica’s OEM logistic services will help an organization simplify their brands supply chain challenges. Our customers are able to focus on their core responsibilities while Attronica manages the transportation, warehousing, material handling, and package integrity. We conform to our customer’s needs by offering package protection to ensure that the end user receives the products with zero box defects.


Global Shipping
Extended Shipping Hours
Package protection to ensure 0 box defects